Bekah Jennings Music

Sacred music for families, church, primary, and soloists.


Sunday Will Come.pdf

Sunday Will Come

He is Here with copyright.pdf

He is Here

Guide Me to Thee.pdf

Guide Me to Thee

Does the Journey Seem Long.pdf

Does the Journey Seem Long?

He Knows, final, solo.pdf

He Knows

Sweet Hour of Prayer.pdf

Sweet Hour of Prayer, TTBB

Primary or Vocal Solo

I Choose to Believe.pdf

I Choose to Believe

Because I am His Child.pdf

Because I am His Child

The Sabbath is a Sign.pdf

The Sabbath is a Sign

Then It's Time to Pray.pdf

Then It's Time to Pray

Piano Solo

I Know Heavenly Father Loves Me.pdf

Joy to the World, final.pdf

Hymns in collaboration with Michael D. Young

I Consecrate My Soul to Thee.pdf

I Consecrate My Soul to Thee

Treasures Now.pdf

Treasures Now

The Oil in Gethsemane.pdf

The Oil in Gethsemane

My Savior Sees.pdf

My Savior Sees